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This EP is the product of an experiment, involving the use of the internet to write, record, and produce music with people in completely different regions. I have never met any of the musicians on this record in person, and yet we have managed to produce something magical and individual to us through this collaborative project.

This is just a taste of what is to come.

All proceeds collected from this EP will be used to produce our next project: a full length album.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this project, including the cosmic forces that may have entered or exited our lives during the creative process.

Many thanks and much love,


released March 20, 2017

All tracks originally composed by Justus Rollins

Lyrics written by Justus Rollins

Engineered by Alex Perkins

Alice Hayes: Lead vocals (track 1)
Oonagh O'Donoghue: Lead vocals (track 2), backing vocals (track 3)
Austin Krater: Bass
Emily Dolan Davies: Drums
Justus Rollins: Guitar, synths, backing vocals, lead vocals (track 3)
Alex Perkins: Guitar (track 1)
Danny B: Synths, piano and bell solo (track 3)

Album art by Gabriela Holloman

Contact Emily Dolan Davies at recordingateddsplace@gmail.com or www.needdrumsnow.com



all rights reserved


The NetworK Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Track Name: A Blind Eye
Momentary lapse of sanity
Leaves me happy, happy as can be

It'll all be fine
I can't afford to lose my mind
It'll all be fine
Some say it's best, I find
To look the other way sometimes

'Cause what I'll never know won't hurt
(Even when I'm at my worst)
But I have to let myself come first
(Even when I'm at my worst)
The tides of life, they swell so high
(Sink or swim, it's do or die)
But you only see the brighter side
(Through a blind eye)

Cemeteries buried out of sight
Constellations distract my one track mind

It'll all be fine
I can't afford to lose my mind


Do you see me in your empty gaze?
Seems that mirrors never work these days

It'll all be fine
I can't afford to lose my mind

(Chorus x2)

Do you see me in your empty gaze?
Seems that mirrors never work these days
Do you see me? Do you see me?
'Cause I don't see as clearly...
Track Name: Pure Energy
I don't know if I can keep my spirits up
Look to the stars above
They're coming down

Wanderlust takes over through the galaxy
For your pure energy
When it comes around

(Have I struck a chord? Is there something more?
When it rains, it pours...But there's something more...)

Chorus 1:
The shadows of a broken smile
I cannot watch you go
We are the same, We are the same
I felt the flames escape your soul, but you're not cold

Once before, the open sores have let us in
Now it's that time again
It won't be long

Drops of stardust leave their scars on memories
Familiar melodies
The shaman's song

(My broken mast...Cannot outlast...
This overcast...But the storm will pass...)

Chorus 2:
Washed up from the tempest's grasp
To live another day
We are the same (We are the same)
You read my thoughts, I see your pain on--

(Chorus 1)


(Chorus 2)

(Chorus 1)
Track Name: Our Heart (On Restless Nights)
Remember the sunrise?
The spotlight on your sleep
The ashtray knocked over
Now we're older
More than close

A relapse is ugly
No, this is something more...attractive
When it's hardest, here comes August
Mark my words...

I'll keep it a secret
As long as you want me to
A new year...the disco ball
Against the wall we float

Your semblance resembles
The sweetest symphony
Assembled to sing with me
But only in my dreams...

You're the reason I feel perfect
When I'm losing my mind, I'm worth it all
I want to give you my all, all the time
Every time I feel so nervous
Every night, I'm at your service
All night for all your life...

Remember the forest behind the factory
A mystery
The cosmic force that brings us towards the peak
In my dreams, I see you
I see you standing there

You're the reason I feel perfect
When I close my eyes, I feel so small
But I'll give you my all, all the time
You shed a light on my darkest hours
One heart and its ours
Hours befall before our very eyes
On restless nights...

On restless nights